Eric Momal

Eric Momal

Process Manager, Alcatel-Lucent

En poste chez Alcatel-Lucent

Précédents : Casewise, Neuf Telecom (SFR)


Précédents : Institut National Des Télécommunications


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Process Design & KPI

Chez Alcatel-Lucent

De 2010 à aujourd'hui
Alcatel-Lucent is a worldwide provider for telecommunication products and services. Following a mission successfully fulfilled in 2008 as consultant, Eric is now working as Alcatel-Lucent employee. Eric performed a first mission for Angola Telecom where he designed operational processes ...
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Process & Software Consultant

Chez Casewise

De 2007 à 2010
Casewise is a software editor leader in Business Process Analysis, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Governance, Risk & Compliance. As consultant Eric led or contributed many projects of process design targeting BPA, BPM and Certifications. Eric worked into various ...
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Junior Project Manager

Chez Neuf Telecom (SFR)

De 2004 à 2005
Neuf Cegetel is a French Internet provider. Eric performed a training job during 14 months as junior project manager in the department managing new services of the company. Eric was responsible for describing provisioning processes regarding new products and services. He also built and produced ...
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